vendredi 24 septembre 2010

03: Burnout Paradise (360, PC, PS3)

Easily the best Burnout title released yet, Paradise combines the classic destruction and high-speed action with a new open-world map system (among the largest maps ever seen in a videogame) which allows the player to roam freely around the city of Paradise, either online or offline, wreaking havok and destruction.
Pros: Massive map with gorgeous graphics, hilarious and unpredictable online play, incredibly detailed cars and bikes that smash and break up beautifully. Basic but effective customisation, and a wide range of vehicles to unlock.
-Cons: Finding actual races online can be tiresome, with 90% of matches being free-roam, cars can be hard to unlock, although DLC is available that unlocks all cars for the lazier of players (on XBL it's currently at 10$).
A game update adds a new island at around 2Gb of HDD space, but the island cannot be accesed without paying for it, so you end up with 2Gb of content that is mandatory, but you can't actually use.
-Price: For a new copy you're looking at 50-60€/$ for the ultimate edition, as the game is still very popular, it can however be found at around 20-30€/$ used. If you're looking to sell it, you can expect around 15-20€/$.

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